our 5 commitments


For some people international shipping is a no brainer however for some it might get really complicated. There are a lot of variables in the international shipping process. It is complicated and there are many different parties involved, such as local truckers, customs brokers, steamship lines, freight forwarders, rail companies and more. Communication barriers and cultural differences might present a problem, and rules and regulations can slow down your first shipments if you do not have the experience and knowledge to ensure that the process flows as smoothly as possible.


1. Explore the Marketing and recently trend

Every single Year Thailand have a huge changing in economic. Requirements for importing specific commodities depend on a wide variety of criteria. To understand the customs is also very important.We support in all part of documents. Some information, such as whether an item is subject to quota restrictions, eligible for reduced rates of duty, or restricted from entry because they originate in an embargoed country, can be determined only if you know the item’s Harmonized Tariff Schedule classification number.

2. Search for suppliers

If you are new importer, do not worry we looking for the agency which matching with your need. We have a connect with Thai agency/distributor what ever your are holding the big or small project. We looking for the suitable supplier in the concept ” right people in the right place”. We will arrange the contact with an possibility supplier.

3. check the duty and taxes

Import duty can be calculated in a variety of ways, but most import duties are figured as a percentage of the declared value of the commodity. In the difference products the tariff also difference, refer this Thai customs home page. it is dependent on the commodity being imported, its declared value in Thailand and other factors like anti-dumping legislation and quota controls. In some products could avid duty, values can be 0% or higher than 100% of the product’s declared value. Import duties are collected to generate revenue and to protect Thai markets.

4. Introduce reliable freight forwarder 

We are holding the list of the reliable freight forwarders.  With a reliable freight forwarder will provide you with daily updates from the moment you place the order with your shipper. This will give you time to concentrate more on your business.

5. Ship the goods on time

Do not ship your goods last minute. This might cost you more than you need to pay. However, by shipping early you may end up paying inventory costs. Always consider that delays might happen during the process, such as goods might not be produced on time, the vessel might not sail as scheduled, goods might be held by the customs both in origin country and here USA. Be prepared for all this and plan accordingly.