10 Signs You’re A Modern Boho Mama

modern boho mama

Are you a Modern Boho Mama?

For most people I’ve encountered, being vegan instantly puts me in their personal “boho/hippie” category. While a plant-based lifestyle is slowly becoming more mainstream, it definitely is still countercultural. Bohemianism generally refers to those who live an unconventional lifestyle and in the nineteenth century the term was mainly tied to artists. But today’s modern boho mama’s are a little different. We tend to practice a more natural lifestyle, connecting ourselves and our families to the world around us. A boho mom is daring and has no problem challenging societal norms, both when it comes to herself and her children. Sound like you?

modern boho mom

10 Signs You’re a Modern Boho Mama:

1.  You practice attachment/gentle/positive parenting.

2. You’ve taught your kids mediative breathing.

3. You have relaxed but consistent household rules.

4. You feel teaching your children about recycling is just as important as teaching the ABC’s.

5. You have yoga mats instead of rugs on your floor.

6. Your kids have a Waldorf inspired bedroom.

7. Elimination communication. enough said.

8. Your children already feel a responsibility towards caring for animals and the environment.

9. They also think dried fruit is candy.

10. You embrace free expression.

I feel like so much more could be added to this list. Are you a boho mom? Or a boho furmama? What would you add?

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