How To Have A Vegan Road Trip


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Notice the blog post isn’t called How To Have A HEALTHY Vegan Road Trip.

Because I’m not sure how to do that. Honestly, I was reminded by how many different ways there are to eat potatoes when I took a road trip to Nova Scotia with my family this past summer. Absolutely, I have great tips for having a balanced vegan road trip but healthy…debatable I’m sure.

But keeping twin two-year-old toddlers happily satisfied on a two day road trip is no easy task, and I’m now more convinced than ever that good food rather than piles of activities, is the key to a harmonious road trip.

At least that’s been my experience.

Plan ahead.

If you’re planning on winging it on the road, at rest stops and restaurants well then you are setting yourself up for disaster. Just being honest.

I’m filing this product under a must. You need to have a cooler in your vehicle. And I promise you, you will not regret nor will you ever be able to live without an electric cooler once you have purchased one. The cooler that we used this summer was (affiliate link – find out more about these on my disclosures page) the Koolatron P65 Kargo. It fit perfectly in-between the seats of our van, easily kept our food and drinks nice and cold, plus acted like a little table between my kids. I can’t speak highly enough.

Okay, so you have your cooler. Now it’s about maximizing how you fill your cooler to minimize unhealthy stops on the road.

Planning “no-mess” snacks.

There is nothing worse than being on the road without a rest stop in sight and you’re dealing with a mess. Been there, done that, never want to do it again. So, my goal is always to have snacks that are little to no mess, and that can be lazily snacked on throughout the trip.

  • Apples and berries
  • pre-popped popcorn – keep it healthy and make your own the night before you leave for your trip. I made one huge bag per day for my family of four.
  • homemade trail mix – a combination of nuts, pretzels, vegan chocolate chips and marshmallows makes everyone happy.
  • veggies sticks
  • hummus – to be eaten with veggies or pretzels. I’ll talk about how I make this no-mess in a minute.
  • emergency candy – Skittles are vegan and a favourite candy in our house. Wondering what other candy is vegan? Check the ultimate list here.

Like all successful ventures, distribution is KEY.

I’m sure you’re looking at my list of favourite vegan road trip snacks and thinking there is no way she kept her van mess free. But I did. And it cost me next to nothing to do so.


Yes, that is a pink beer cup.

And it will change how you road trip with your kids.

Beer cups are perfect for little and big kids alike for holding snacks and containing messes. When they are finished (or simply taking a break) the cup remains close-by in a cupholder ready for the next time it is needed. And it’s easy to pass the cups back and forth between kids and adults without spilling.


The cups are also excellent for when you inevitably have your unhealthy stops (french fries are a vegans best friend!). You can distribute your fast food with the beer cups too. It was crazy how something so simple made such a huge difference on the ease of our road trip.

Restaurants and fast food.

Fast food is largely inevitable on most road trips, especially when you’re aiming for a destination and want to minimize time spent on the road. Make your peace with eating a lot of french fries, potatoes and garden salads during the day and plan ahead for a restaurant at dinner time that has wider vegan options if available.

What are your tips for a vegan road trip? Share in the comments.

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