Top 10 Potty Training Youtube Videos For Kids

Thank goodness for potty training youtube videos.

If you read my previous post about my potty training woes, you know I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Or so I had thought.

I don’t know why I didn’t think to turn to YouTube but the thought honestly didn’t enter my mind until 5 days ago. But it was a few days ago that the thought entered my mind that perhaps some genius on YouTube could help our potty training efforts.

I had to hope that some potty training youtube videos geared towards stubborn kids would make some sort of difference.

I’m happy to say I’ve seen a small change in attitude over the past couple of days!

What’s made the difference?

To be honest, I can’t say exactly what it is about the videos that have made a difference. But clearly they resonated a little differently with my kids than my other tools. Maybe it was seeing kids of different ages using the potty, or the songs, again I’m not sure. But I just had my daughter have her fourth consecutive pee in a potty! This is huge considering she would barely sit on the potty a week ago. And my son actually asked to wear a pair of underwear yesterday afternoon and this morning. We didn’t wear the underwear for long (probably about an hour) but again this is a big step forward for us at this point.


Here are the videos that my kids responded to the best:

I hope you’re children enjoy these videos are much as mine do! Talk to me about you’re biggest potty training issues in the comments.

Chat soon,


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