Natural Floor Cleaner with Essential Oils

natural floor cleaner

I’m in love with my DIY natural floor cleaner.

Okay so, I’m a wee bit OCD when it comes to keeping my floors clean. Like, I don’t even bother putting away my vacuum or my mop because I’ll probably use one of the two again within the hour. Now, to be fair to myself, this level of OCD isn’t completely unjustified (or so I try to convince myself away) with two 3-year-olds, a dog, a cat and a less-than-tidy husband (sorry babe). But needless to say, when you operate on my level of floor cleaning, for your health and wallet, a DIY natural floor cleaner is the way to go.

So I’ve spent a lot of time, especially since my kids were born, trying out various floor cleaners both purchased and homemade. And because of this, I’ve also gone back and forth between a “wetjet” style mop and a traditional mop and bucket. Until very recently, I’ve never been 100% satisfied with any options.

So what makes my current (and most loved!) homemade floor cleaner different from my floor cleaners of the past? Largely, scent.

natural floor cleaner


I’ve always found the scent of vinegar off-putting, so I’ve struggled in the past with using enough vinegar in my homemade cleaning products to benefit from its cleaning power. But then enters Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil in and of itself is a wonderful cleaning agent and (cue hallelujah choir) just a few drops masks the harsh scent of vinegar! As such, tea tree oil might be my favourite essential oil of all time. So let’s get down to proportions here:

What You Need:

  • bucket of hot water
  • 1/2 – 2 cups of white vinegar
  • tea tree oil
  • lemon essential oil

I use a standard sized mop bucket and generally fill it a little less than halfway with hot water which is more than enough for my surface area. I then add 1.5 cups of white vinegar. If you are cleaning a large surface area (and are using more water) than increase to 2 cups. I then add 12 drops of tea tree oil and about 15 drops of lemon essential oil.

And that’s it! I love the way my home smells after using this natural floor cleaner and I love the confident feeling knowing my kids and pets aren’t being exposed to unnecessary chemicals.

Looking for other natural cleaning uses of tea tree oil? Check out this post!

Try my DIY floor cleaner and tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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