DIY Christmas For The Not-So-Crafty


Here’s the truth. I’m really not-so-crafty. But I love to DIY!

I was that kid growing up who loved to craft, wanted to craft but…who didn’t exactly produce works of art. I was the kid who produced a “solid effort”. And you know what? To this day my crafts and art projects still look like someone who tried real hard but isn’t actually talented. But thankfully, I don’t give a  f*%k! I display and share my little pieces of “I tried” with pride. And so should you! The holidays are an excellent time to dip your toes into the DIY world, get your eco-friendly game on, and share some literal blood, sweat and tears with your loved ones.

Want to DIY but don’t know where to start?

I hear you. I’ve been there. And like you, I thankfully have a crafty friend who gives me great ideas!

(^^it’s me. I’m your crafty friend.)

DIY Christmas Ideas For The Not-So-Crafty:

Blend your love of eco-friendly living with a little bit of DIY and skip the paper wrapping paper this year! Create your own simple Christmas gift bags to reuse year after year.

diy christmas bags

These are my bags! I have about eight sewn so far. I followed this super easy guide from Don’t know how to sew? Neither did I! I followed this simple youtube video that showed me an easy backstitch and I was off! I like the backstitch because it hides how terrible I am at sewing.

Salt dough ornaments are so easy to make and I love their rustic charm. I especially love the idea from Oleander and Palm of using stamps for a cleaner design.


Have a mini ballerina in your life? With a little elastic (or ribbon if you want to go truly no-sew) and some sparkly tulle, you can create a beautiful tutu for a little dancer. I chose to sew an elastic band but otherwise I followed this tutorial from

diy tulle skirt


Easy edibles! Some of my favourite edible gifts come in the form of chocolate or alcohol. Mason jars, ribbon and a stop at a local Bulk Barn and BOOM, you have some fabulous eco-friendly stocking stuffers. Mix your grown-up family and friends some homemade liqueur with some rum and coffee beans. The recipe I used is can be found here.

edible gifts

I hope these ideas spark your imagination and inspire your not-so-crafty-self to step out of your comfort zone. Have an easy Christmas DIY? Share it in the comments!

Chat soon,




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