What Does It Mean To Accept An Apology?


The power of an apology can be unexpected.

I’ve had a very hard time getting out a blog post this past week. Originally, the blog post that I had scheduled to go out last week was about talking about tough subjects with little kids. But then I received an unexpected, incredibly long overdue, and emotional apology. And it made me pause. Not about the previous post, that will still go out later, but what the apology I received means to me made all my thought processes come to a halt.

What does an apology mean?

What does it mean to accept an apology? Does it mean I forgive? Does it mean I have to forgive?

I don’t know how to answer those questions yet, or at least not in a meaningful way for me.

But I was surprised by the immediate and powerful effects of receiving and accepting an apology, especially one of significant magnitude. I was surprised by the weight it lifted from my chest. I didn’t realize that an apology was the key to the handcuffs of pain and hurt I’d been shackled too. Having someone acknowledge the hurt and stress that they have caused is surprisingly freeing. I don’t feel hostage to the situation anymore.


But how deep is my compassion?

My family lives a life philosophy of compassion and doing the least amount of harm to the earth and its inhabitants. It is this thinking that tends to separate those who identify as “vegan” and those who are “plant-based”. My morals, ethics, and compassion extends far beyond my dinner plate. But this is the first time I’m being challenged to stretch my compassion while doing the least amount of harm to myself. I’m not yet sure how to accomplish such a task.

But I do know this.

True healing can begin. And maybe because of that, I’ve already received the best gift this holiday season. The gift of resolution and being able to truly moving forward. I hope the same is true for the person gave the apology.

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