The Green Family Project Recipe Roundup: Part 1

It’s time for a recipe roundup!

Thank’s to a lovely reader (hi Ashley!), I’ve decided to put a collection of my original Green Family Project recipes all in one fabulous post. My recipes are always family tested and kid-approved. I would even say most of my recipes are meat-eater approved too, so you can feel confident serving these dishes to just about anyone! Below is a recipe roundup of my favourite original recipes from the blog:

Original Recipes:

Warm Coconut Corn Chowder

warm coconut corn chowder

Sriracha Baked Broccoli

baked broccoli

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Enchilada Lasagne

enchilada lasagne filling

Vegan Cornbread

Easy Breakfast Nachos

breakfast nachos

Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

Blueberry Banana Muffins

blueberry banana muffin

Have you tried one of my recipes yet? Let me know which is your favourite in the comments!

Have a dish you wish was vegan? Tell me about it and I’ll see what kind of magic I can create 🙂

Chat soon,


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