Natural Self-Care Practices For A Happy Mama

Self-care is so important and yet it is so hugely underrated.

I talk with so many people about the importance of self-care rituals and practices in leading a healthy life but even the most crunchy of mama’s will admit that sometimes life just gets in the way. But really, I’ve learned that when life get’s stressful and overly busy then that means I should actually be doubling my self-care efforts!

The past month, my life has been super busy and mega stressful (and I don’t handle stress particularly well!) and I found myself neglecting my regular self-care routine. My eating went to crap and my yoga practice was infrequent, amongst other things, and I justified it all by saying “life was busy”.

And my body basically responded with a giant f*&k you with a nice outbreak of shingles followed by a nasty head cold and acne that makes me look fifteen.

But I digress!

Who should be making sure to give themselves a little extra attention?

Everyone!!! I don’t believe that any one person or profession is more deserving of self-care than others. But there are demographics where if self-care isn’t practiced, the results can be personally catastrophic. I’m talking about people who are in the helping professions, such as nurses, emergency responders, social workers, etc. Those who are going through particularly rough patches of life, such as, divorce, death, illness etc, are at a higher risk of depression and physical ailments if self-care is neglected.

Create balance.

Aim to create balance in your life. I remember coming across this quote years ago that said everyone should meditate for 10 minutes a day, unless you’re really busy, then you should meditate for an hour. My last month being a prime example that when life gets busy self-care tends to be the first thing to go, when in actuality self-care should be taking a front seat. It is when life is most hectic that we should be connecting to the deeper parts of ourselves.


Natural Self-Care Practices:

The world of self-care options is immense with self-care starting to replace the “detox” craze of the past few years. And like the “detox world” you can get as expensive or as cheap as you want with your self-care. Obviously, I am a big fan of not only natural, but also of spending as little money as possible! Here are some of my favourite, super simple self-care practices to feel your best self:

H2O: The first step to feeling your best on a daily basis is making sure you are keeping hydrated. Staying properly hydrated is important throughout the year, not just during the summer months. Drinking water helps to reduce high blood pressure, encourages healthy skin and function of body organs. Skip the disposable plastic and opt for a reusable water bottle. You can enter to win an awesome 16 oz Healthy Human water bottle by signing up for my monthly newsletter. Check out the contest details here!

Namaste…in bed: Getting some extra zzz’s can go a long way in helping you live your most healthy life. The best way to catch up on some extra sleep is not to sleep late into the morning (because mom’s don’t have that kind of time) but rather to try to go to bed at least an hour earlier in the evening. Or if you are able to, and have the time, try to prioritize a nap every now and again. If you have to much on your mind and find falling asleep difficult, try a 10 minute body scan meditation while in bed to take to off to dreamland.

Epsom Salts: I love epsom salt. Epsom salt is actually not a salt at all but rather a naturally occurring mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate, and it’s health benefits are numerous. Add epsom salt to a hot bath to ease stress and relieve muscle aches and pain. I personally love (affiliate ad) Dr. Teals Epsom Salt Solutions in Lavender, and my husband likes the eucalyptus scent.

Treat your face: The skin on our face is some of our most delicate and most exposed to harsh conditions. Taking extra care of the skin on your face can be an instant refresher. Here are three of my favourite natural DIY face masks:

Walk it out: Thanks to my rescue dog, Gigi, most days I go out for at least two walks. These twice daily walks have become an important part of my self-care routine. These walks allow me to clear my head, provide extra fresh air and some quiet alone time. Plus, there are the health benefits of strengthening your bones and muscles, improving circulation, and cutting your risks for preventative disease. Think a companion animal might help keep you motivated? Read my post about deciding to bring a rescue dog into your family.

Practicing self-care can help you stay on top of your health when life gets crazy. No matter what you have going on in life, taking care of yourself is so important.

What are your favourite natural self-care rituals?

Chat soon,


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