How I Earn Extra Cash As A SAHM

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Earning some extra cash as a SAHM is super easy.

Living solely off of one income in this day and age isn’t easy. Any family that lives primarily off of one income will tell you that they are not “lucky to afford it” but rather they have chosen to make sacrifices and hard choices to live they way they do. Not only that, being a SAHM is a huge adjustment especially if you were previously in the workplace and used to a double-income prior to your children.

But the world of the stay-at-home-parent is changing. Thanks to the internet, parents are truly starting to be able to experience the “best of both worlds”.

Now, this article is intended to show you how I earn extra cash as a SAHM and have begun to transition myself into a WFHM (work from home mom). My #1 way to earn a steady long-term income as a SAHM is at the bottom of the post!

The SAHM stigma.

It’s not hard to see that 21st century feminism has forgotten about the SAHM. Modern fathers who stay at home with their children are seen as heros whereas their female counterparts are still largely seen as “wasting their degrees”, “anti-feminist”, and by the most cruel, “lazy”. Meanwhile, on my hardest days, I sometimes wish I could go to work and get a break like my husband.

***note: my husband’s job is not easy! but he does get to leave the house alone, listen to music in the car (or have silence! what is that like?!), go to the bathroom whenever he wants without anyone watching, and no one screams at him nonsensically throughout the day, and did I mention quiet yet?***

Still with as little free-time as SAHM’s have, most nowadays are figuring out ways to be at home with their family and also earn a little extra cash with a side hustle.

Earn money without bugging your friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I love essential oils. But, I feel like you can’t turnaround without someone trying to sell you some big essential oil package. If that type of sales if your thing, go for it! But if you’re an introvert at heart like me, there are ways to make extra cash without having to do direct sales.

I started my internet side hustle last September after reading a post where a mother challenged herself to find a way to pay for Christmas without having to dip into their family income. I was intrigued, read her strategy and decided to try to do a version of the same. Within three months (and some serious hustle!) I managed to pay for 75% of our Christmas budget before dipping into our regular income. Not too bad, right?


So, what am I doing?

Deciphering between what is an online scam and what is legitimate can take a lot of time. But it was worth it for me, and, lucky for you, I’ve now down a lot of the research for you! Now, you’re not going to be pulling in tons of money but after the first month of focus and effort, I was easily bringing in at least $100 of extra cash that wouldn’t have otherwise been there. And every little bit counts when you’re a single income family!


Easily the number one way that I earn money each month without even trying is by using Ebates for 80% of my online purchases. It’s simple; shop through Ebates at over 750 stores that ship to both the US and Canada and after you’ve made your purchase you get cash back on that purchase. Seriously. It’s that simple. I always use Ebates for Amazon, Etsy, Indigo and pretty much all my online clothing purchases. The cash back gets deposited into my Paypal account which I then use to cover our video subscription services like Netflix, Crunchyroll etc. And you get $5 just for signing up!


OH. M. G. I love the Honey browser extension. Basically it’s an amazing browser extension that both saves you money and allows you to earn cash back on purchases where it found you a coupon code. Click this link to add Honey. Then when you make purchases online (at any online store), click Honey and it will scour the internet for coupon codes for you. Honey almost always finds me a coupon code I didn’t know about and saves me a couple dollars on my purchase.

Consumer Survey Sites:

Consumer sites are absolutely legit and are a quick and easy way to make an extra $30 or so per site each month. They can be a little involved, but below are the 3 sites I have used with regularity because they have the highest paying surveys. My favourite site is Dailyrewards which always has several high paying surveys a day. It was easy to reach the payout number each month and, especially during the holidays, it was easy and convenient to opt for gift cards as payout. My other two favourites are MintVine and (of course!) Swagbucks.

Freelance Writing:

I haven’t dipped into this one much (as currently all my writing time goes to this blog) but I know plenty of people who earn extra cash by freelance writing. According to my online mom boss friends, these sites have the best writing gigs:

  • Smart Alex – writing, art and photography for greeting cards.
  • Blue Mountain Arts – poetry and writing for greeting cards.
  • All Freelance Writing – writing job board.

Home Business:

Both my husband and I have started our own home business side projects. Mine is this blog, The Green Family Project, and my husband has creates iPhone apps. This is easily our #1 way to earn extra cash outside of my husbands regular income. Although while a home business project is probably the easiest way to earn steady extra income it is by far the most work. That being said, it is also the most rewarding!


One of the most straightforward ways to get yourself started with your home business is to set up a blog or website (like I did!) that pertains to something you’re passionate about. I use Bluehost to keep my blog running and if you use my link you can register and start your own website for only $3.95 a month (seriously!). Once your website is up and running you can earn money through display advertisers, affiliate marketing and sales, brand marketing, and selling your own services.

Other home businesses ideas both online and off include:

  • Etsy store
  • Online services – design, ebooks, courses, coaching etc
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Online tutoring
  • Consignment hustle
  • Home Cleaning business
  • Daycare

So many possibilities!

As you can see there are so many ways to legitimately make extra money as a stay-at-home-mom. Whether you want to contribute financially to the monthly expenses or earn extra money to save for fun things like vacations, having a side hustle is where its at.

Do you have a side hustle project I don’t know about? Share it with me in the comments!

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