6 Things I Don’t Care About This Summer

This is my summer of freedom!

For a million little reasons this has been my least stressful and most relaxing summer EVER! With my kids going off to Kindergarten this September, I want the summer to special for them and memorable for me. Past summers, I cared too much about unimportant things. I then allowed these unimportant things become a source of stress and worry. So this July, my goal is simply to chill the f*&k out and enjoy my family.

best summer

6 Things I No Longer Care About This Summer:

  1. Dirt – I have twin almost-four-year-olds, so this summer I have just accepted that dirt is everywhere and that’s OKAY. With the basic rules of “no dirt in the hair or face“, I’ve more or less given my kids the green light to get as dirty as possible each day. Which they do. The summers of multiple clothes changes and baths are over. I have let that sh*t go.
  2. Schedules – Is there anything less fun that a strict summer schedule? This summer I’ve made a short bucket list of fun things I want to do with my children, and I’m doing one or two of those items each week. But an hourly schedule in July and August? For me, that causes nothing but stress. Let me live like the breeze and flow like the sea.
  3. Whether or not my kids are bored – From November to June, the weather where I live sucks so I work hard to keep my kids entertained because we’re largely stuck indoors. But come June? I am tapped out and ready to let mother nature be the primary entertainer. I really don’t provide anything beyond buckets and shovels, trucks, balls and a sprinkler. Oh! And bubbles. Always bubbles. Otherwise, I challenge my almost-four-year-olds to use their imaginations to keep themselves entertained.
  4. Screen time – I’m going to be controversial and be honest when I say I don’t care about screen time anymore. After spending three years stressing about screens and obsessing over what they were visually consuming, I’ve realized I just can’t do it anymore. We have to trust our gut that what we’re allowing our kids to consume, and how much, is appropriate and beneficial. Today, as it is pouring buckets of rain outside, we’re having a heavy screen day. But as 80% of the past three weeks were spent outside, I feel it balances itself out. And I’m just going to trust that it will continue to balance itself out the rest of the summer.
  5. What I look like in a bathing suit – after spending decades caring about this subject, this summer I am giving zero f*&ks. I am rocking my bikini and choosing to be fearless about it. I just can’t care about what other people think about my body anymore, it’s soul-sucking.
  6. Formal meals – When you live in a climate where about 8 months of the year hovers around freezing level, you spend as much time possible outside come summer. For my family, if the sun is out we are eating all our meals super casually outdoors.

So, this is what I’ve been doing differently to have my best summer yet!

Are you enjoying a more care-free summer this year? What would you add to the “don’t care” list?

Chat soon,


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