Shannon Clay

2016 was the year I found myself.


This was the year I cut ties with the most toxic and destructive people in my life, I found an older brother I hadn’t known existed, rescued an amazing dog with an incredible story and drove halfway across the country on an awesome road trip with my family.

All these things together, both wonderful and terrible, were life changing. I’ve learned more about myself in the past two years than I could have believed possible.

And it brought me focus.

Being a part of a movement.

The desire to create a blog focused on raising plant-based, compassionate and eco-loving children had been a dream since my twins were born in 2013. After the personal growth of this past year, I decided it was time to put my dreams into reality. So, The Green Family Project was born.

The Green Family Project is about living a cruelty-free, compassionate and earth-friendly lifestyle. We strive to encourage a community of parents to raise compassionate and eco-conscious children.

So who am I?

My name is Shannon! And honestly, I’m just a woman who’s trying her best. I’m passionate about a cruelty-free lifestyle, recycling, parenting and animals!

So grab your coffee and spend some time with me! LIKE our FaceBook Page to get the latest recipes and posts, a curated collection of the best vegan and parenting articles from the web, plus connect with other vegans who share your passion.

Want to get in contact with me? You can reach me on my contact page 🙂

Chat soon!



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