Shannon Clay



Hi, I’m Shannon!

I’m a free-spirited woman, wife, mama, vegan cook, animal lover and I am passionate about all things earth-friendly. I share my life with my wicked, cool husband and our goofball twins, Jake and Ava.

What kind of person am I? The kind that can quote pretty much any line from Friends or Bob’s Burgers. I’m weirdly obsessed with documentaries and Japanese tv shows. And if you start talking about the latest pictures from the Cassini Spacecraft or your thoughts on gravitational waves, I might geek out a bit.

Inspiration for The Green Family Project came from wanting to share our compassionate, eco-friendly, and vegan values with other like-minded parents. This blog is also a great starting point for parents who are curious about plant-based lifestyles and raising loving children with a focus on taking care of the earth.

Chat soon!



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