8 Reasons I’m Obsessed with Thinx Period Panties

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Thinx period panties are amazing so, ladies, it’s time to upgrade.

I posted about my initial reaction to Thinx period panties several weeks ago when I couldn’t contain my awe of the product. A few periods later and I still can’t stop raving about them! Because, let’s be honest, periods may be one of the worst things women deal with. And when you finally find a product that makes that monthly ordeal a little less miserable, better believe you tell everyone you know about it.

I’ve now used Thinx period panties for 3 periods with zero backups. That’s right, ZERO. No tampons, no pads, no cups, and I have yet to have a single leak. To be honest, I haven’t even come close to a leak. As I mentioned in my previous post, fit is key. Again, I highly suggest ordering up a size to accommodate bloating as the panties are snug. I can pretty much guarantee that if these panties don’t work for someone, it is an issue of sizing, not the actual panties themselves.

So let’s talk about why I’m in love (and why you will be too!).


8 reasons I’m obsessed with Thinx Period Panties:

  1. Money savings – how much each woman spends on period supplies each month varies, but at the end of the day, it’s costing all of us money. US research suggests that women spend $7 a month on average over the course of 40 years and adds up to over $20 million yearly in taxes. A rather unfair tax considering only women are affected, plus we are already on the wrong end of the gender wage gap. A pair of Thinx panties will run you about $30 US (save $10 using this give $10 get $10 link) and will last for many years to come. The math is pretty simple; period panties are going to save you a lot of money in the long run.
  2. Eco-friendlyresearch suggests that the average woman throws away about 250-300 pounds of menstruation products. Period panties are a reusable and sustainable period solution. Using period panties produces an immediate and positive environmental impact by eliminating this waste contribution of traditional feminine hygiene products.
  3. Forget about it – I have never before in my life not been concerned with leaks. Previously, I was a super absorbent tampon every 3-4 hours kind of woman. Now, I am able to wear each pair for 8-12 hours, even on my heaviest days. And 3 cycles later, leaks are just not something I have to think about anymore.
  4. Cleaning is simple – now, Thinx tells you to rinse, then wash in cold water, followed by a drying on a delicate cycle. So you can do all 3 steps if you want, but really only the first 2 are necessary. I regularly put them in the dryer on a normal cycle and they hold up great. And after plenty of washes, they’ve maintained their shape and absorbency.period panties
  5. Stay active – probably the biggest difference for me, personally, has been being able to maintain my regular active lifestyle during my period. If you follow me on Instagram, you know yoga is a HUGE part of my lifestyle. In the past, I haven’t felt comfortable doing my regular yoga routine (or really anything super active) while on my period for fear of leaks or things not staying in place. With period panties, I’m able to bend, flow and fly in the air without concern.yoga
  6. Less hassle – every woman has been caught of guard and not had feminine hygiene products on hand. And most women use a few different products in a few different sizes to cover their period, which when I reflect on it, is a little insane. Period panties significantly reduce the overall hassle and stress of Aunt Flo’s visit. Fresh pair in the morning, fresh pair at night. Done. The freedom from tampons and pads is surprisingly empowering.
  7. Comfort – I like being comfortable. And I really can’t put into words how comfortable these underwear are. They genuinely feel like regular underwear. The material is thin, super soft and the absorbent area works so well you’ll almost forget they’re period panties.
  8.  Discreet – while for the most part in life I’m all, f*&k the patriarchy and smash taboos, that doesn’t mean I love tampons falling out of my purse, or my kids pulling them out in the grocery store check-out asking loudly, ‘what’s this?’. It just doesn’t get any more discreet than a pair of period panties.

I am such a fan, I think it’s safe to say that I’m never going back to traditional feminine hygiene methods. I highly recommend period panties for every woman. Obviously, every flow is different so use your discretion and knowledge of your own body when purchasing your own pair of period panties. Either way, this product is seriously life-changing.

Have a question about period panties? Ask me in the comments!

Chat soon,


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