A Better Period With Eco-Friendly Period Panties

Eco-friendly period panties are a thing.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I recently purchased a pair of period panties from shethinx.com. All in a continued effort to “green-up” my self-care! And I know some of you have been waiting anxiously for a review. Well, wait no longer the reviews are in! **this is NOT a sponsored post but post DOES contains affiliate links.**

What’s my back story?

Because what’s a post without some back story? Well, it started with an IUD.

I’m sure some of you are going “ahhhhh.” Like for many women, the idea of a period-free life (and never having to worry about birth control!) sounded too good to be true. And for me, it was. After 3 years of feeling like I was living in a heavy cloud, I started doing some research into my IUD. I was shocked to find thousands of women online sharing stories near identical to my own. The common link? The same brand of IUD.

So I had it removed about a month ago. And are things back to normal? Yes and no, but the cloud has definitely lifted and for that, I will never look back.

Oh heeeyyyy Aunt Flo.

But of course, the periods have returned and for that I was determined to find a better, healthier, more cost effective and eco-friendly period solution.

It has recently come to women’s attention just how little research has been done on chemicals in feminine hygiene products and their affects on our lady bits. What’s worse, is big companies don’t seem to care one way or the other. You can learn more about these issues at Women’s Voices For The Earth and their initiatives.

So, enter the period panties.

Is it wizardry?

Seriously, I’m convinced that sorcerers are at work over at Thinx.  They managed to create a pair of underwear that are anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent and leak resistant. They also claimed that you could wear the period panties all day long and that they don’t feel like diapers.


And they weren’t lying!

It’s seriously wild. I mean, this is a game changer. I was sooooo skeptical before I bought them, and even more skeptical when they arrived because of how incredibly thin the material felt. Well friend, I’ve been wearing the Hiphugger Period Panties for roughly eight hours now and I can honestly say I’m not only super comfortable but also 100% leak and scent free. And that’s without any back up like a Diva Cup or tampon.

Let’s talk fit.

Thinx has SIX different styles of period panties to choose from.

The first two pairs I’ve purchased are the Hiphugger in black. I purchased them a size larger than normal to accommodate bloat which ended up being a good idea for me. I don’t think if I had ordered a smaller size they would have nicely covered my post-twins stomach. If you’re someone who heavily bloats while menstruating I would opt for the high-waisted pair of undies.

Overall, the undie material is super soft, and has a really comfortable fit. And while they certainly aren’t fancy, they don’t look like a pair of granny panties either.

period panties

Never thought I’d be showing my underwear to the world but such is the life of a blogger I suppose! Anyway, the above picture is after a wear and wash. I even (gasp!) went against drying instructions and put them in my dryer on the delicate cycle 😉

Thinx also sells active period wear and other merchandise all of which benefits woman’s health and rights around the world. Learn more about their global initiatives by visiting the Thinx Foundation.

Final verdict?

I’m a convert! Period panties are where its at for me. I’m planning to create a cycle set of about 4-5 pairs. I think I’m going to try the sport pair next!

Interested in trying a pair? Use my link and score $10 in savings for your first pair! Bonus is I get $10 toward my next pair too 😉

Are you willing to give Thinx a try? What are your thoughts on period panties?

Chat soon,


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